The National Science Policy Network is thrilled to announce our THIRD cohort of Science Policy Scholars! 

SciPol Scholars Fall 2021, includes headshots of 12 new scholars and NSPN logo overlaying an image of a book and a gavel. Full list of scholars names and affiliations in the article below.

This fall's cohort is made up of 12 new scholars, selected from a competitive applicant pool, and set to polish their science policy, communication, and professional development skills over the course of our six-week bootcamp! Following the completion of the course they will be eligible to be matched with partner organization host offices for remote residencies (internships) in which they can apply these skills to impact policy, research, and communication.

"To date we have graduated 26 Science Policy Scholars from two previous bootcamps with 20 of these individuals going on to complete residencies at a wide range of organizations," said Holly Mayton, NSPN Director of Programs. "This is a huge success considering most traditional higher education and graduate schools often exclude science policy training for early career scientists', much less offer them opportunities to directly jump start their civic engagement careers." Excitingly, a few of these participants have gone on to receive job offers from their resident offices upon the completion of their graduate degrees. 

This fall the Science Policy Scholars will explore the theme of  “Science and Justice" throughout the bootcamp. In addition to learning how scientists and engineers can inform policy and gaining essential skills in effective writing and oral communication, Scholars will also leave with understand both how the law is involved in the regulation and implementation of these policies, and how to more effectively harness science for more inclusive and just outcomes.

“We are excited to have Crystal Grant, a Technology Fellow with the American Civil Liberties Union's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, joining us for a special lecture about how scientific experts can interact with the justice system," said William Ota, the SciPol Scholars Coordaintor. "We are excited to demonstrate the many ways in which our scholars are able to impact policy, and especially how to be more effective advocates within the framework of science and the law."

Please share a warm welcome and congratulations to our newest SciPol Scholars and stay tuned to learn more about what they do next!

  • Anisha Singh (Stanford University)
  • Austin Grubb (Rutgers University)
  • Clara Tibbetts (Colorado State University)
  • Emily Geest (Oklahoma State University)
  • Jasmine Yu (Texas A&M University)
  • Josh Frost (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
  • Leanna Kalinowski (University of Toronto)
  • Nicolle Rosa Mercado (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Nikita Lad (George Mason University)
  • Sharmini Pitter Boghos (NOAA Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems)
  • Thomas Burnett (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Zena Jensvold (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Rita Allen Foundation

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