SciPol Scholars Writing Consultants Foster Skill Development in Policy and Communication

The SciPol Scholars-in-Residence Program (SPSR) is excited to introduce the new SPSR Writing Consultants. As the SPSR program welcomes its third cohort of scholars this fall, we are continuing to improve this experiential learning opportunity for our members. The writing consultants will provide expert feedback and support to the Fall 2021 Cohort of SciPol Scholars. While they come from various backgrounds, each has extensive experience in science policy that will allow them to support the current cohort of scholars as they prepare their final portfolios of written materials for the bootcamp and their SPSR residencies. Over the course of three consultations in the bootcamp, the consultants will help improve cohort members’ elevator pitches, policy memos, resumes for science policy positions, and biosketches. These writing skills have proven useful for previous cohort members such as Agnes Varghese who published her policy memo from the inaugural SPSR Bootcamp!

Read more about our new writing consultants below:

Samantha Anderson

Current Position: Incoming AAAS STPF at the State Department, working in nonproliferation
Previous Science Policy Writing Experience: Published a graduate student handbook white paper on NSPN's website, regularly wrote policy memos during my time as a Biophysical Society Congressional Fellow
Fun Fact: I will be working from Central and South America this Fall!

A photo of Sam Anderson wearing a black and white striped shirt.

Matthew Diasio

Current Position: Science and Innovation Policy Advisor at the British Embassy-Washington
Previous Science Policy Writing Experience: ACS/AAAS Congressional Fellow in the office of Senator Tina Smith, serving as an editor for op-eds in the 2020 Election Initiative, co-authoring a white paper in JSPG, helping develop questions and writing a briefing on science policy issues in Virginia's 5th District during the 2018 midterm elections, 2020 AAAS Mass Media Fellow writing science news stories for the Raleigh News & Observer (a newspaper in North Carolina)
Fun Fact: I like to read about conspiracy theories. And this summer I actually got to debunk a COVID-19 conspiracy theory using my dissertation!

A photo of Matthew Diasio wearing a dark blue suit jacket and a red and blue tie.

Caitlyn Hall

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Arizona
Previous Science Policy Writing Experience: NSPN memos (x3), legislation, curriculum development on science communication and science policy, advisor to state and federal decision makers on sustainability and disaster mitigation
Fun Fact: I’m an ultramarathoner, rock climber, and banana bread baker.

A photo of Caitlyn Hall wearing a black shirt.

Bailey McCarthy Riley

Current Position: Completing PhD in Analytical Chemistry at Wayne State University, NOAA Knauss Legislative Fellow (2022-2023)
Previous Science Policy Writing Experience: SPSR Bootcamp Instructor (Spring 2021), policy memo in JSPG, Policy Report on Detroit Flooding and Clean Water Access - Detroit SciPol Chapter Water Action Group, 2021 (locally distributed)
Fun Fact: I minored in studio art and worked as the archivist's assistant at a sculptural museum for two years as an undergraduate before pursuing chemistry full time in grad school!

A photo of Bailey McCarthy Riley wearing a black shirt.

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