MSU SciComm engages in the intersection of science, policy, and the arts

Michigan State University’s Science Communication Organization (MSU SciComm) was created to engage students with topics related to science, policy, art, and literature. MSU SciComm’s Vice President of Marketing, Ellie Baden, shared with NSPN what the organization has been up to, including their recent Conveyance Conference and their upcoming Science-Art Exhibition.


Who Are We?

Funded in 2019, MSU SciComm is a group of graduate and undergraduate students from Michigan State University who are passionate about the intersections between science, policy, art, and literature. We host regular events, which allows our members to engage with all forms of science communication. Additionally, MSU SciComm members are able to gain relevant knowledge, develop skills, and build their professional connections through their involvement with our organization. 

Current Projects

We are currently preparing for our upcoming Science-Art Exhibition this fall. We are inviting artists and scientists to submit creative work relating to the theme of “Breaking Barriers” to be featured in the showcase. This year’s program will be a follow-up to our previous successful exhibitions (including the 2019 Science-Art Exhibition), and we look forward to continuing to offer this event in future years.

MSU SciComm also looks forward to welcoming our students back to campus in the fall. We look forward to offering a variety of programs and events as we gradually transition into post-COVID life.

Conveyance: SciComm Conference

In March of 2021, we hosted our first virtual SciComm Conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “Conveyance,” and we brought together speakers and attendees from across the country to discuss topics related to science communication. We offered 22 sessions across the two-day conference and featured presentations on topics that included starting a podcast, lobbying for political reform through a scientific lens, and creating a comic strip, among others. The conference was hosted using the website, Gather.Town. This platform allowed our guests to interact with each other in a virtual space by creating avatars that could travel throughout our digital conference hall. This allowed us to offer a full conference experience, including breakout sessions, screen-shared slideshow presentations, and even game rooms that our attendees could use to socialize during break times. 

COVID-19 Setbacks

During the pandemic, MSU SciComm had to get creative with our recruitment and marketing strategies. Because many students were not physically on-campus, we relied on our website, social media, and virtual events to keep our members engaged. We are looking forward to returning to in-person learning this fall, and are excited to welcome our returning and new members to MSU SciComm.

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To learn more about MSU SciComm, follow them on Twitter: @msu_scicomm.

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