NSPN Workshops and Webinars Foster Professional Development in Policy and Communication

Aspiring policy enthusiasts need specialized training to build their skills and knowledge base. The National Science Policy Network’s workshop series helps them do just that.

The webinar and workshop series is designed to help members develop knowledge and skills in a variety of topics in science policy and communication. The events are held monthly and feature panels, breakout discussions, and team-based exercises to foster a collaborative learning environment for early-career scientists and engineers. Topics such as the future of graduate education and the importance of inclusive policymaking allow participants to engage with their peers as they discuss, learn, and practice.

NSPN’s first public webinar in the series, held in September 2019, focused on science policy fellowships at the state level. From there, both the format and topic scope of the workshops have expanded to include active discussions and participation-based workshops on policy memo writing, op-ed writing, and more. The NSPN committees have also become involved, hosting webinars or workshops on topics related to each committee’s work, from diplomacy to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Our next webinar will focus on communication and interpretation across boundaries. Stay tuned for more information!

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To learn more about NSPN’s webinars and workshops, along with other events, view the recordings on our YouTube channel and visit our event page.

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