NSPN Expands Collaborations and Opportunities with JSPG

We are delighted to announce that NSPN will be the official sponsor of the Journal of Science Policy & Governance for 2020! 

Details: http://www.sciencepolicyjournal.org/annual-sponsorship-2020.html

Both NSPN and JSPG are committed to supporting early career scientists in policy, advocacy, and diplomacy. We can’t wait to enhance these opportunities for our members while supporting JSPG’s commitment to open-access science policy resources! Our first major project is our 2nd annual Memo Competition! Form a group and write a memo for a chance to win up to $1000 to support your group's activities! Deadline April 1. More info: http://programs.scipolnetwork.org/2020memocompetition/

Help us share this exciting news and be entered to WIN some of your very own NSPN T-shirt! 


We will be giving away brand new NSPN shirts to 4 lucky individuals - one each from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook who participate based on the following criteria:
- Share an original message about either the memo competition or the partnership
- Extra entry if you include a photo with one or more of your policy memo competition teammates! 
- Tag @SciPolNetwork @SciPolJournal @Your SciPals & #SciPalsPubilsh #PartnersInSciPol
Bonus: Any chapters that have at least 5 unique tweets from different individuals will be entered to win $100 for their chapter. 
Requirements: Tag @SciPolNetwork @SciPolJournal @Your Chapter #SciPalsPublish #PartnersInSciPol

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