We want to recognize some amazing NSPN members who have dedicated time to making sure our community flourishes. This past month, we have new leadership coming into our four regional hubs. To celebrate the transition, we invited both the outgoing and incoming regional hub chairs to share about themselves and what they have done or have in store for the National Science Policy Network.

Sarah Ackerman

Sarah Ackerman, outgoing Eastern Hub Co-Chair

  • What is the most rewarding thing you have done during your tenure as a regional hub Co-Chair?

Working with new students and getting them involved with NSPN.

  • How has the hub grown during your tenure?

This year’s symposium gave us a chance to get to know each other and now there are multiple efforts to continue these connections, mainly through the Eastern Hub retreat.

  • What’s next for you?

Research!America fellowship.

Bernat Navarro

Bernat Navarro, incoming Eastern Hub Co-Chair

  • What is the most satisfying thing you have done in the realm of science policy?

I absolutely love advocating: in Capitol Hill for graduate students and funding for scientific research or in the Baltimore City Hall to elected officials about my current research and the need to increase minorities' participation in research studies.   Within my chapter, I am currently working with the Professional Development Office at Johns Hopkins to start a science policy certificate program this year to be offered to all students!

  • As you are stepping up to the position as a Regional Hub Co-Chair, what are you excited about doing in and with the Hub?

I am very excited to be planning the Eastern Hub retreat together with the rest of the chapters, a time when our groups can start building connections, expanding their network and working towards collective goals! I am hoping to engage more chapters to become involved with NSPN and expand the collaborative nature of NSPN to other groups.

  • What are your interests/passions in the realm of science policy?

I am very interested in genomic policy topics, going from regulation of genetics tests, now very commercialized, and genetic editing, to issues regarding the privacy of genetic information and genetic discrimination.

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